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One Shot is a weekly actual play podcast that explores different role playing systems with self contained One Shot stories. A rotating cast of improvisers, game designers, and other notable nerds show off the variety and diversity in RPGs bring you a new game every month!

James D’Amato is a comedian, author, and game designer living in Chicago. You might recognize him from ABC’s The Toy Box, or his book The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide, or from an angry political tweet he made that blew up.

James trained in improv for years at The Second City Conservatory and iO Theater before using those lessons to share his love of gaming with the world. In the years since he worked to build the One Shot Network around the idea of making RPGs more accessible and the tabletop community more inclusive.

394. Our Travelling Home Part 3

Shine attempts to bring everyone together after the fight with a brilliant plan: Special Family Dinner. Surely nothing can go wrong with an elaborate social activity built on expectations of perfection and an earnest belief that it will fix everything. OUR TRAVELING HOME Back on Kickstarter! THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG BOOK Pre-Order Now! BUY OSN...

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393. Our Travelling Home Part 2

We continue moving through our character creation questions fleshing out our characters, home, and world! Once everything is in order, we start playing. Of course, any house containing beings as temperamental as Lament and Azranel with someone as flippant as Shine is bound to descend into bickering. Thankfully Sorrel is ready to be the adult...

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392. Our Travelling Home Part 1

James welcomes Ash Krider onto the show to show off their new game based on Howl’s Moving Castle. They are joined by Mel, D’Amato, Bee Zelda, and Aly Grauer to make a sweet family of extremely magical queers. OUR TRAVELING HOME Get notified when the Kickstarter goes live! THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG BOOK Pre-Order Now!...

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391. Anyone Can Wear the Mask Part 3

Science city is on the brink as Nostradamus has finally outwitted Pux using the rules of her own powers against her. Max Murray has sworn to be Pux no more! Without a hero, Councilman Lurker and  Curie City could potentially lose all of the wonderful individuality of Science City. Will Max ever find the strength...

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390. Anyone Can Wear the Mask Part 2

We enter Science City! A place that would be completely at the mercy of corporate greed were it not for the tireless work of one person and Ground Hog’s Day-style time loops. ANYONE CAN WEAR THE MASK Get Anyone Can Wear the Mask! THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG BOOK Pre-Order Now! BUY OSN BOOKS The Ultimate...

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389. Anyone Can Wear the Mask Part 1

Jeff and James create a superhero and the absolutely BUCK WILD science city. Jeff maybe let James add too much nonsense to this world but it still turned out pretty great. Also, we get to celebrate Groundhog Day-style time loops! ANYONE CAN WEAR THE MASK Get Anyone Can Wear the Mask! THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG...

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388. Blades in the Dark Part 4

With the perfect vessel in place, The Order of the Jubilant slide needs only get them to the dollar room to complete their work. THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG BOOK Pre-Order Now! 2021 GA SENATE Make Georgia Nice! BUY OSN BOOKS The Ultimate RPG Gameplay Guide The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide A Dragon Walks Into...

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387. Blades in the Dark Part 3

The cult of Vashraliff struggles to manipulate their unknowing minion into place through attacking his doll collection. But they must hurry, the world will only be ready to accept the gifts of The Jubilant Slide if the Whisper Worm manages to take hold of Doskvol. THE ULTIMATE MICRO RPG BOOK Pre-Order Now! 2021 GA SENATE...

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386. Blades in the Dark Part 2

Behind the flaking gold lettering of the window to “Lavarift’s Gifts” acolytes of The Order of the Jubilant Slide- the cult of Vashraliff prepare to answer a sacred call from The Spiral. Soon they will bring reverie to Duskvol, but the spiraling coil cannot pierce the veil without a vessel for joy. Fervor for The...

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385. Blades in the Dark Part 1

James sits down Alan Linic and Stephen Kropa to introduce them to Doskvol an oppressive gray city that is certain to never be the same as they introduce a new cult “The Friends of Vashralif: The Order O’ The Jubilant Slide.” I can almost guarantee it is unlike any Blades Cult you have ever seen...

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