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One Shot is a weekly actual play podcast that explores different role playing systems with self contained One Shot stories. A rotating cast of improvisers, game designers, and other notable nerds show off the variety and diversity in RPGs bring you a new game every month!

James D’Amato is a comedian, author, and game designer living in Chicago. You might recognize him from ABC’s The Toy Box, or his book The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide, or from an angry political tweet he made that blew up.

James trained in improv for years at The Second City Conservatory and iO Theater before using those lessons to share his love of gaming with the world. In the years since he worked to build the One Shot Network around the idea of making RPGs more accessible and the tabletop community more inclusive.

410. The Well Part 3

Making their way into the third level tomb our gravediggers make their way through the wreckage of a former bastion. In a rotting bizarre they stumble onto the first of the Undead horrors from the upper world. Unfortunately for them, it’s not the sort of horror you can easily swing a sword at. CONTENT NOTE...

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409. The Well Part 2

Our group traverses the surprisingly perilous path up to the third tomb. Once inside, they try to sort out the path taken by less successful gravediggers just a few days ago. They search for something ancient that smells sweet and the lost souls doomed to guard it. CONTENT NOTE This series contains moments of claustrophobia...

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408. The Well Part 1

Three grave diggers follow a tip that takes them to the third tomb above Bastion, in search of something that smells sweet. Are an aspiring gardener, humble goo-seller, and spiritual zealot prepared for what awaits them above? CONTENT NOTE This series contains moments of claustrophobia and bodyhorror. THE WELL Site Itch DriveThru Soft Cover THE...

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407. Event Planning in Zero G Part 2

Planning continues. Even if the event planners struggle to reign in their vision to fit any kind of reasonable budget, they are all agreed on a very simple core message: IT’S A MOLTING. JENN MARTIN Twitter Bully Pulpit Games BEN MEREDITH Twitter Patreon TIM MEREDITH Twitter Patreon WE ARE THE DUNGEON STREAMS! May 18 –...

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406. Event Planning in Zero G Part 1

Event planning is never easy. Event planning for a double-booked megatube space station where five different alien species (one of which is very tasty) all have to get along? Well, you can imagine. Meet the species and find out what starts to happen with grand ambitions meet the constraints of space and budget! BEN MEREDITH...

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405. Shape of Shadows: Scotch and Soda Part 3

Our heroes work to keep party guests entertained while pursuing their secret goal of slipping a business card into the Mayor’s jacket. However, JJ doesn’t seem to understand there is something very wrong with the ‘slight of hand” he is performing which keeps producing real wild animals that behave erratically. The party itself has a...

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404. Shape of Shadows: Scotch and Soda Part 2

We finish creating characters, incidentally learning about the world’s smallest whales along the way. Then our intrepid gig-economy drones head off to The Writing Hour for a truly unforgettable night of low-budget immersive theater work. When they arrive though, instructions are pretty unclear. JEEYON SHIM Twitter Patreon The Shape of Shadows Pre-Launch Field Guide to...

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403. Shape of Shadows: Scotch and Soda Part 1

James, Jeeyon, Alex, and Stephen make characters working for a nightmare gig economy on-demand entertainment service who get booked to work a celebration at an exclusive club for magicians. Welcome to Los Angeles, Indiana! JEEYON SHIM Twitter Patreon The Shape of Shadows Pre-Launch Field Guide to Memory MICRO RPG BOOK Order Now! ULTIMATE GAMEMASTER’S WORLDBUILDING...

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402. A Green Hour Part 3

Valerian and Other face the full consummation of their marriage. IF they both remain on the path set before them as scions, then they will shed their mortal formats and become a god. The future of their cultures and life on their world depends on their actions in this tender moment of true vulnerability. CONTENT...

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401. A Green Hour Part 2

We learn more about Valerian and Other as they meet in person for the first time on their wedding night. CONTENT NOTE This series contains intimate moments, examinations of cultural taboos, and beauty standards. There will be obvious but not explicit references to sex and sexuality. JEEYON SHIM Twitter Patreon The Shape of Shadows Pre-Launch...

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