NeoScum is a Shadowrun actual play podcast starring Blair Britt, Eleni Sauvageau, Casey Toney, Mike Migdall, and Gannon Reedy as “The Game Master.”

Pox, Tech Wizard, Dak Rambo, Zenith

Episode 15: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (w/ Stephen Kropa)

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right. The Gang arrives in Chickenville/town and makes themselves at home. Wake us up when this episode ends?

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Episode 13: No Looking Back

The crew makes one last stop in Peoria before hitting the open road, forgetting that sometimes the road hits back. Pasts and futures converge, a reminder that you can’t leave history behind — but that’s never stopped a Scummer.

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Episode 12: Retail Therapy

Destination: Los Angeles! But before they hit the open road, the NeoScum make a pit stop in Peoria.

Shopping, shenanigans, and ShadowFUN awaits!

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Episode 11: Born to Run

Description: Wild. Child. Ride. (Editor’s note: the first 9 minutes are just the tiniest bit garbled, but after that it’s SMOOTH SAILING)

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Episode 10: Lights, Camera, Magic!

It’s Tech Wizard’s big break, but after recent events, it’s Tech who may end up breaking. Can TW keep it together in front of Neo-Hollywood Golden Boy Grant Junctal? Meanwhile, an old friend pays Dak a visit.

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Episode 9: To The Limit

The Scummers, exhausted and disheartened, resort to drastic measures to defeat their foes and escape the pursuing horde.

Murder, death, drugs, euphoria, revelation… Who knew so much could happen in three minutes?

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Episode 8: Appointment with Destiny!

What’s better than money? Fame. Dirty, nasty fame. Tech Wizard jumps at an opportunity that sees the gang back on the road to Chicago… but the highway back to Chicago holds a nasty surprise, and we ain’t talking about the toll booths!

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Episode 7: Walking The Edge

A simple meeting with Kannabis Jak goes awry as the Death Racer’s swanky compound is compromised by a mysterious force. The ‘scummers must fight or flight for their lives before the bodies hit the floor.

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Episode 6: Kannabis Jak

If the NeoScum are going to do a Death Race, they’ve got to meet a real Death Racer! Enter… Kannabis Jak.

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