Campaign explores longform storytelling through gaming. Our current story follows the crew of The Uhuru, a skyship navigating a folk-tale world of adventure and danger inspired by the music of the Decemberists.

Our previous Campaign was hosted by Kat Kuhl and set in the Star Wars universe. The Crew of the Mynock were wannabe rebel outlaws who found a family together on the run from the Empire.

James D'Amato


Kat Kuhl


Tyler Davis

Jonnit Kessler

John Patrick Coan

Dref Wormwood

Johnny O'Mara

Travis Matagot

Liz Anderson


Skyjacks: Episode 155

Jonnit and Douglas continue to investigate the gunshots while trying to parse the possibility of a “monster.” Jonnit decides to use his eye to aid the search. Gable and Travis wait for Jonnit near the woods and realize they are probably actually going to have to talk to pass the time. Orimar learns the secret...

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Skyjacks: Episode 154

Jonnit and his father rush to the chicken coops to see what the source of the sound might have been and in the process, he shows off some of his powers. Gable tries to wrangle Travis who is so caught up with his luminous power that he struggles to stay on task. Orimar shares a...

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Skyjacks: Episode 153

Orimar tries to diffuse tension with Douglas and Hip when someone arrives to either fix things or make them worse. Jonnit reels from the gravity of sacrificing his memories as gable tires to counsel him. Travis arrives ready to take part in a plan that it feels like he only half understands. CONTENT NOTE Memory...

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Skyjacks: Episode 152

Happy reunions are interrupted when Jonnit discovers that there is someone extremely important who has been missing from his life. Douglas reveals why he has been so unwelcoming towards Captain Orimar. Travis begins his quest to transform into a giant turkey and goes shopping for the ingredients to make a cup of hart root tea,...

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Skyjacks: Episode 151

CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Sibling rivalry, parental disappointment, non-abusive striking of a child by a parent (I want to emphasize on behalf of Beaz that the “punch” described in the episode was not intended as an act of violence. Everyone at the table understood what he was going for and the last thing we want is...

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Skyjacks: Episode 150

Jonnit tries to smooth things over with Denny Derf as Travis makes an absolute nightmare of himself. The crew prepares to meet Jonnit’s father Douglas “The Stone” Kessler when they meet an unexpected person from Jonnit’s past. Jonnit has no idea what kind of welcome he is about to receive. CONTENT NOTE Main Show: Family tension,...

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Skyjacks: Episode 149

Someone from Jonnit’s past arrives to pick him up and take him home while a calamitous racket unfolds within the ship. Travis races to exit The Uhuru before growing to a form too large to comfortably fit through the doors. The others try to mitigate the chaos in order to keep up appearances and support...

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Skyjacks: Episode 148

The Uhuru lands in Akaron! Gable manages the crew, Orimar manages his hatchling griffin, Jonnit tries to manage his feelings and appearance to return home, and Travis… performs a dangerous magical experiment that is sure to cause a huge problem for everyone. Welcome to the new arc! CONTENT NOTE Body horror, gross transformation sound effects...

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Behind the Sails: Post Deuxmignon Part 2

James continues to reflect on the Deuxmignon arc! STAR CROSSED Buy it here! BALLAD OF CONJURERS Get it Here! CHARACTER BACKSTORY GUIDE: GENRE EDITION Pre-Order Here! LEX THE LEXICON ARTIST Site See Lex on Tour! LEX THE LEXICON ARTIST Site See Lex on Tour! THE ULTIMATE RPG GUIDE SERIES Get the Worldbuilding Guide! Get the...

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Behind the Sails: Post Deuxmignon Part 1

James reflects on the most recent arc! Comparing his vision and goals to how it all worked out in execution. There were some unique production challenges and choices that made it change significantly along the way. There were also plans that turned out significantly better than anyone could have imagined! STAR CROSSED Buy it here!...

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