Campaign explores longform storytelling through gaming. Our current story follows the crew of The Uhuru, a skyship navigating a folk-tale world of adventure and danger inspired by the music of the Decemberists.

Our previous Campaign was hosted by Kat Kuhl and set in the Star Wars universe. The Crew of the Mynock were wannabe rebel outlaws who found a family together on the run from the Empire.

James D'Amato


Kat Kuhl


Tyler Davis

Jonnit Kessler

John Patrick Coan

Dref Wormwood

Johnny O'Mara

Travis Matagot

Liz Anderson


Skyjacks: Episode 178

Jonnit, Orimar, and Hipp reach the ship to find the crew struggling to free the ship from overgrowth and a siege of aggressive forest creatures. Travis struggles to return to gable with the fruit of panacea as he finds Orimar’s now living body much more difficult to push past normal limits. CONTENT NOTE Main Show:...

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Skyjacks: Episode 176

Members of the Uhuru crew: Pliff, Carlos, Jerk-Off Jerry, and suddenly Toku instead of Bathroom Barry are still trying to find The Uhuru and the rest of the crew. Even with a heading thanks to JO Jerry’s subdermal implant the forest has plenty of dangers to bar the way. Also, Nodoze isn’t there. Look, memory...

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Skyjacks: Episode 175

Jonnit has successfully guided Orimar and Hipp to The Queen’s Glade. On the threshold of the impossible, they must now figure out their plan. Their mission is to see safe passage out of the forest for The Uhuru and her crew, but what price are they willing to pay? The Queen senses within Orimar, a...

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Skyjacks: Episode 174

Jonnit, Orimar, and Hipp contend with the world’s strangest language barrier in order to devise a plan to get The Uhuru safe passage out of the forest. It comes as no surprise their plan is risky and involves navigating toward the heart of danger. Travis and Gable are still locked in a desperate struggle against...

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Skyjacks: Episode 173

With the costly help of The Forest Queen, Travis and Gable confront The Morning Star. They face an opponent of unimaginable strength while they are battered and beaten, but it is also clear they have been underestimated. Orimar and Jonnot are able to defeat the greenhearts with the help of Hip. Finally able to take...

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Skyjacks: Episode 172

Still dealing with lingering confusion from the effects of the pollen being used by the greenhearts, Orimar is striking out at everything around him, including Jonnit. Also facing opponents that have the power to mimic the most fearsome forces on Spéir Jonnit has his work cut out for him. Meanwhile, Gable panics, realizing they have...

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Skyjacks: Episode 171

Travis and Gable fight desperately with the fading dregs of their strength to put down the greenhearts attacking them. However, in doing so they court a more dangerous foe. Jonnit fights to pull Orimar from the greenheart’s influence and form a plan to lead the crew. Unfortunately, a desperate Orimar Vale cut from his senses...

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Skyjacks: Episode 170

Travis and Gable are forced to confront the Greenhearts who were masquerading as the Queen. With Gable’s injuries from their own confrontation with greenhearts and Travis not being in his body things could get quite dangerous. Meanwhile, Jonnit arrives in time to support Orimar in his own battle. Finally free from the pollen’s illusions, Jonnit...

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Skyjacks: Episode 169

Gable helps Travis break free of his illusion and the two of them try to play it cool until they can assess how much trouble Travis got himself into. Caught in his own illusion, Orimar clashes with the three things he feels the most passion for: Sefa, Calivar, and destroying the Red Feather Syndicate. The...

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Skyjacks: Episode 168

Thanks to Dref Travis discovers that his encounter with his mother was not what it seemed. Now he struggles to keep Orimar’s clouded perceptions from lulling him away from the truth long enough to find safety. Gable discovers they are in a similar situation and takes advantage of it to work through some trauma. Unfortunately,...

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