A Horror Borealis

It’s 1996: cell phones are a fantasy, JNCO jeans are in style, and there are monsters in the American wilds. In the town of Revenant, Alaska—just north of the Arctic circle and just south of the nation’s most untamed national park—three women from wildly different walks of life must come together in the face of monstrous beasts, unsavory politicians, and their own dangerous secrets in order to unite their community and discover the truth about a magic that just might save them all. Let’s play Monster of the Week!

Andrew Giotta as Siobhan O’Shaughnessy (and composer)
Tim Woerner as Martha Campbell
Addison Peacock as Moriah Harris

Andrew has not been playing role-playing games for very long, so please be gentle.  A very busy boy, Andrew works a full-time job in addition to enjoying a variety of side projects.  When not working or playing RPGs, Andrew enjoys long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain.

An avid lover of Dada, Tim plays bassoon. A lover of art, Tim has a particular affinity for this transformative piece masterfully crafted by Ringo Starr: A Elaphant Foot. Tim doesn’t know where to begin when talking about this piece, because there’s just so much. <3 Tim

A grad student in Los Angeles, Addison is currently trying to build a full-time career out of talking into microphones. Sometimes she does funny voices, sometimes she sounds like herself, sometimes she just screams. Sometimes she screams even when the microphone isn’t on. A self-proclaimed Halloween Queen, she loves all things horror, spooky, and scary. She enjoys writing, acting, ghost-hunting, and woefully misusing her Musical Theatre degree. You can catch her as the cohost of The Cryptid Keeper, voice acting on The Nosleep Podcast, and yelling about horror movies all over this big beautiful internet.


LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 4

Don’t you know how it ends, Bill? You started the story. Now you’ve got to finish it. As the end looms just ahead of them, Bill remembers how it all began–and begins to grasp the role he has to play in the days ahead. But as the past comes, fragmented, into focus, it begins to...

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 3

Well…at least you know you didn’t come back here for nothing. As the Losers begin to remember the shape of their shared past, they’re faced with a choice: to confront a thing they desperately want to forget, or to run from a home they’ve only just started to rediscover. But then again, maybe they don’t...

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 2

We have to stop It now. Because we didn’t stop It last time. The past closes in on our heroes as a bond bigger than any of them slowly reclaims their lives. Here, in the place where they grew up, there are secrets waiting for them–dark secrets, terrible secrets, things which have defined the courses...

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 1

You’ve heard this story before. But never like this. A threat that surfaces every 27 years. A town where devastating tragedy after devastating tragedy fades quietly into history and out of memory. An entire childhood forgotten by every person who shared it–except for one. And now he’s calling them back to finish what they started.

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AHB76 EPISODE 3 – Get Closer

Confronted with an up close and personal look at the creepy ghost from Aemyn’s sketches, the Sitka Street Gang has some BIG questions. Questions like, what the heck is it? How is it hurting people? What’s the deal with war, anyway? And how many Pop Tarts is too many?

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EPISODE 69: Summer Frights V: Hell on Wheels

OUT OF CONTROL. UNSTOPPABLE. TOO HOT TO HANDLE. That describes the first hour of this episode, and then eventually there’s a plot about an evil car. Don’t worry about it.

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What do the teens like these days? Is it comic books? Inner turmoil? Unseating corrupt politicians? Well whether they like those things or not, we sure do! This time, we’re running MASKS, so pull on your colored spandex and join Siobhan the Soldier, Moriah the Delinquent, and Martha the Doomed on a thrilling superheroic adventure!

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AHB76 EPISODE 2 – Let’s Stick Together

Following a feeling–and a Davey–out into the woods, the Sitka Street Gang is shocked to discover an unusual scene, and an even more unusual new friend. Who’s Aemyn? What can they see? And more importantly, HOW ARE THEY DOING THAT?

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AHB76 EPISODE 1 – The Boys Are Back in Town

It’s the end of summer, 1976, and that means COOL is back in session! Meet junior conspiracy theorist Mongoose, quiz kid Cecelia, and best baseball boy Davey–just three average kids whose world is about to be ROCKED.

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Alex Flanigan as Keeper / Every NPC

Alex is a human person who, despite writing words for a living, can never seem to come up with a good bio for these sorts of things. She has a very expensive bachelor’s degree she isn’t currently using and a handful of terrible puns she usually is. In the event you can ever get her to stand still for more than thirty seconds, she’d love to tell you all about her dog or the cryptids of her home state of West Virginia, and she’d love for you to compliment her on her very punk rock hair. In conclusion, she is just a (mostly) girl, standing in front of a podcast audience, asking them to love her.

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