We have to stop It now. Because we didn’t stop It last time.

The past closes in on our heroes as a bond bigger than any of them slowly reclaims their lives. Here, in the place where they grew up, there are secrets waiting for them–dark secrets, terrible secrets, things which have defined the courses of their lives even from a million miles away. But there are other things here, too–things which just might be strong enough to save them all.

The story continues as the combined casts of AHB and AHB76 unite to tackle Stephen King’s infamous epic of trauma and triumph in a limited run miniseries that goes deep into the darkness to test the bonds of love and trust and the harrowing ordeal of healing.

Featuring “Back to Derry” by Christine Prevas


LOSERS: A Love Story deals implicitly and explicitly with troubling content including but not limited to child death, domestic abuse, suicide and suicidal ideation, sexual violence, medical trauma, gore, and unreality.

This episode contains heavy unreality, a depiction of a car accident, and implied/depicted domestic tension. Please listen with caution.


Alex Flanigan as Bill Denbrough

Andrew Giotta as Ben Hanscom

JV Hampton-VanSant as Mike Hanlon

MJ as Stan Uris

Addison Peacock as Beverly Marsh

Val Petrone as Eddie Kaspbrak

Tim Woerner as Richie Tozier

Audio editing and production by Ryan Boelter


LOSERS Theme by Andrew Giotta