The calm after the storm–the sun after the rain–the spring after a long winter. We learn some things about our heroes, and they learn some things about their surroundings. In a peacetime that is sure to prove temporary, Moriah receives a mysterious gift, Siobhan shares a moment of insight, and Martha revisits some troubling memories. Where do they go from here?

Thanks so much for listening to the first arc of A Horror Borealis! Next week we jump into a new monster hunt and the story continues.

Moriah Harris is played by Addison Peacock
Martha Campbell is played by Tim Woerner
Siobhan O’Shaughnessy is played by Andrew Giotta
The Keeper is Alex Flanigan

Theme music is “A Horror Borealis Theme” by Andrew Giotta
Incidental music in this episode is “Viridian” by Alex Flanigan

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