With a Hidebehind stalking their campsite, the game has changed for our intrepid Hunters–Literally! Martha, Moriah, and Siobhan find themselves faced with eight hours of night watch and countless mysteries to unravel as they begin to piece together the people they thought they knew. What else is hiding in their midst?

content warning: alcohol consumption, mention of war, mild body horror

Come see Alex, Addison, and Andrew at the Cryptid Keeper/Campaign Podcast live show in Chicago on July 6! Tickets are on sale now!

Moriah Harris is played by Addison Peacock

Martha Campbell is played by Tim Woerner

Siobhan O’Shaughnessy is played by Andrew Giotta

The Keeper is Alex Flanigan

Theme music is “A Horror Borealis Theme” by Andrew Giotta.

“Hide & Seek: A Monster of the Week Minigame” is designed by Alex Flanigan and can be found here!

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