What do the teens like these days? Is it comic books? Inner turmoil? Unseating corrupt politicians? Well whether they like those things or not, we sure do! This time, we’re running MASKS, so pull on your colored spandex and join Siobhan the Soldier, Moriah the Delinquent, and Martha the Doomed on a thrilling superheroic adventure!

In lieu of a new episode this week, we’re bringing you this special bonus one-shot from the archives! Sometimes, for our Patreon donors, we’ll take a brand new game system for a spin by trying out our characters in a different world. This time, we played MASKS: A New Generation, and we had a total blast!

MASKS: A NEW GENERATION is by Magpie Games and you can find it here!

Moriah Harris is played by Addison Peacock

Martha Campbell is played by Tim Woerner

Siobhan O’Shaughnessy is played by Andrew Giotta

The Keeper is Alex Flanigan