Show Notes

Pandora and Pals’ eerie escape from the Pender family torture dungeon continues — and concludes! Can they survive the peril of their captivity? Can they survive… themselves?

// As a special thank you to the Patrons who have supported us through NeoScum’s hiatus, we’ve prepared a bonus two-part Gaiden, directly adjacent to the events of the main story. And now, as a special holiday treat, we’re releasing it to all listeners for free!

Featuring the NeoScum Metal Theme by Gio Benedetti and the following music courtesy of HoZac Records: 

Un Ballade pour Clive by The Limiñanas (starts 0:20), Shaman by NICE FACE (14:15), No Resistance by Oister (29:40), Liaison by NICE FACE (38:50), and Sky Blue by Oister (1:01:30).