On this episode of Talking TableTop is a very special guest, the one and only Ken Hite. Ken is a professional game designer that has worked on GURPS, the Star Treck RPGs, Trail of Cthulhu, and Night’s Black Agents as well as several dozen other projects. During this interview we discuss how Ken got into developing games, what the changing landscape has looked like for RPG designers over the last 30 year, and how me got into podcasting with his good friend Robin Laws.

About the Author
Jim McClure is a business consultant by day and honorable samurai of Rokugan by night. A total obsession with the ideas and execution of storytelling drives his passion in the RPG world. Jim believes that tabletop RPGs are the highest from of art known to mankind and he desires to spread this message to the world. When not at a game table he is often found reading, writing stories, designing games, or practicing martial arts.

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