On this episode eof Talking TableTop is part two of the interview with John Wick. In this show John and Jim Talk about one of their favorite past times, professional wrestling, John’s personal DM style, his post AEG design career, and of course his record breaking kickstarter, 7th sea.

After the show Jim Talks about the launch of a new project Third Act Publishing.

About the Author
Jim McClure is a business consultant by day and honorable samurai of Rokugan by night. A total obsession with the ideas and execution of storytelling drives his passion in the RPG world. Jim believes that tabletop RPGs are the highest from of art known to mankind and he desires to spread this message to the world. When not at a game table he is often found reading, writing stories, designing games, or practicing martial arts.

One comment on “28. John Wick

  1. This Guy says:

    If I recall Play Dirty John Wick’s approach to DMing is “Hating fun and being a tool”, so not sure how I’m supposed to take him seriously in his other work or this interview cause his statement on DM style seemed to equate to “I get butthurt about players going off the rails” and if Play Dirty is anything to go by those consequences that involve “making the player look at an understand their character” sounds to me like it can be translated to “decisions where you have to die or make your friends die”
    Unless he’s changed his mind about being a That Guy in recent years and I’m just looking too deep into it.

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