52. The Backstory of Tension with Alex Roberts

Podcast Episode

Alex Roberts joins me for maximum pod-feed confusion, but mainly to talk about her first game, codenamed Tension. Inspired by Dread and romance games like Kagematsu and Hot Guys Making Out, this is a game about the emotional tension in a tricky relationship. We look at the game’s evolution, negotiation an safety mechanics, and learn about alien love.


Codename: Tension
Bully Pulpit Games
Tension AP at She’s a Super Geek – PART 1 | PART 2
Dread by Epidiah Ravachol

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  1. JerryO March 13, 2018 at 4:44 pm #

    I was pointed here by my friend.

    I was the gentleman in that game of Tension who hosted the parasite Alex discusses @ ~30:00. It was an amazing game and remains to this day one of my favorite game memories. My partner ‘Shi’ (my sincere apologies if I get that spelling wrong) was the one who came up with the concept and we just ran with it.

    It was powerful and a ton of fun! I am happy to hear that Alex remembers it fondly. 🙂

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