First Watch April/May

Podcast Episode

This week James and Kat cover Hamilton, Pacific Northwest Stories, and Kickstarter in an extra long bro chat.

5 Responses to First Watch April/May

  1. SoSo_Tsundere May 30, 2016 at 2:32 pm #

    It seemed to cut off early…

  2. Caillin Barker May 30, 2016 at 7:24 pm #

    It seems like the end of this got cut off? Or you decided to have a cliff hanger in the middle of Kate sentence which is a very interesting desision

    • Caillin Barker May 30, 2016 at 7:24 pm #

      Kat’s* darn auto correct

  3. SoSo_Tsundere June 1, 2016 at 12:55 pm #

    Thanks for fixing that, the rest of the conversation was super interesting. Now you have me thinking about the Drow and Lloth as syncretized Sith philosophy and that of post-Hellenic body worship/obsession, and whether being turned into a Drider is also supposed to expand the person’s perception of the world, and break from traps inherent into a culture of rigid hierarchy and (effectively) ageless sadists.

  4. Kyber Krazy June 3, 2016 at 9:32 am #

    Calling D&D Cat “Catwitch” is probably sending the wrong signal to your encounter monsters. It certainly sounds like she’s advertising herself as a sandwich….

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