A superhero in name only.

Fetch by Molly Ostertag

A scrappy new team of teen supers Fetch (Molly Ostertag,) Snowflake (Noelle Stevenson,) (Lola Binkerd,) and The Bandicoot (Ben Joseph) are still finding their feet in the superpowered metropolis: Halcyon City. In a world of civilians who are inconvenienced by them, villains who want to fight them, and older heroes who want to tell them what to do, it’s hard for a teen hero to find their place. Luckily, they have each other. Hopefully that will be enough.

Listen to the episode for a discount code that will get you 30% a purchase of Masks!

Strong Female Protagonist


Love and Justice


6 comments on 182. MASKS Part 1

  1. Nick says:

    Loved the episode and eager for more. FYI, the promo code you give in the episode is slightly off. It is just ‘hero’ at the end, not ‘heroes’.

  2. Joe Rossi says:

    I am trying to use the coupon code oneshotheros to get a copy of Masks and it doesn’t seem to work.

  3. Mr. Man says:

    One of the funniest One Shots!

  4. Jim Crocker says:

    I feel kind of churlish, but I just couldn’t make it past about 20 minutes of this one. I really, really tried, but the game just got overwhelmed and swallowed by the gonzo.

    My hunch is that you intended it to be light-hearted and goofy, but there was so much effort to BE FUNNY that the procedures for the actual game got completely swallowed, and after a while it just started to sound like you had contempt for the genre you were playing.

    I wish there was some kind of slider or something to indicate how serious you’re going to be about playing the game with an eye towards broadcasting it vs doing a long-form improv routine that uses the game as a guide. The former is harder but why I tune in. The latter is almost certainly more fun, but not why I tune in. Anyway, keep it up, you nail it often enough that I keep checking them out.

  5. Heath Wilder says:

    This was hysterically funny. I’d easily listen to this as a campaign. Some of the greatest collaborative story telling I’ve heard. And kudos on trying the Australian accent ???? – great job.

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