This week ONE SHOT is offering a double feature! First up Kat and James play Fool’s Journey with the game’s creator Cheyenne Wall-Grimes. For that you get three unique stories inspired by an arrangement of Tarot Cards.

Next up, James talks with Tanya DePass of the “I Need Diverse Games” hashtag. #INDG Together they try to clarify what folks mean when they ask for diversity and how that could have a positive impact on the gaming community.

About the Author
James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

3 comments on 128. Fool’s Journey/Tanya DePasse

  1. Aviv says:

    I LOVE how different your stories came out. Is it possible to go on a short vacation inside Kat’s head? It sounds magical in there.

    If you could add the Tarot card order to the post somehow, it would really help the memory challenged listener follow your journey (especially if you happen to have a photo of the happy deck you used, that would be amazing).

    1. Thanks for the love! I wrote a post on our blog about the press from Metatopia and included a shot of what the Journey Track looked like from the episode, featuring the Happy Tarot deck by Serena Ficca.

      If you would like to pick up a copy of the game, the PDF is available on Drive Thru RPG!

  2. Mattparody says:

    I’m also interested in following some of the other cool sounding people mentioned in this episode. Could anyone offer any guidance into finding them?
    For instance, Chris Chen(sp?)

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