Maxwell Akiyam of the Hasuba Ninja army steals a sacred mirror in order to use its power to perform a dark ritual. However this attracts the attention of Karin Shamone of the Oni clan, Floyd Charbanaux of the Kurama Shin, and a mysterious young woman named Yata Kagami, who all seem to have designs of their own for the powerful artifact.



Acadecon November 13-15

About the Author
James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

One comment on “121. Shinobigami Part 1

  1. SoSo_Tsundere says:

    Floyd may look like a Willie Nelson/Marlboro Man, but in my mind he’s 100% Detective Dan Stark!

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