(genuine enthusiasm) Homebrewer Richard shares his journey in creating and playtesting an Edge of the Empire conversion to the Mass Effect universe. (further informational statement) Along with Cat, his wife and a member of the guinea pig game group, Richard shares what worked, what didn’t, and how the adventure is going.

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About the Author
Meghan Dornbrock knows that books are true magic, and has a weak spot for storytelling rogue-kings. An artist, animator, and all-around games enthusiast, she’s fascinated by the many different ways there are to tell a good story and is eager to see what’ll come next. Eventually she will die on Mars, but currently she lives in the uncool part of Brooklyn. Follow her on twitter or on her website.

One comment on “3. Mass Effect on the Edge of the Empire

  1. Spider Jones says:

    Enjoyed that. I’ve run a D6 mod for Mass Effect and it never really felt right. Where can you download their mod?

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