Meghan and Elsa chat about gaming with a disability, and the many ways games can be made more accessible and inclusive for all players. We also discuss Elsa’s forthcoming RPG Dead Scare, our mutual love for Hamilton, and a totally unbiased analysis of Netflix’s Daredevil.

Feminist Sonar
Dead Scare

3D Printed Braille Dice by 64oz Games
Illuminerdy Bill Paulson’s RPG Sign Language
The X Card – John Stavropoulos
Bluebeard’s Bride 

Listen to Elsa run her game, Dead Scare, on One Shot: Part One | Part Two

About the Author
Meghan Dornbrock knows that books are true magic, and has a weak spot for storytelling rogue-kings. An artist, animator, and all-around games enthusiast, she’s fascinated by the many different ways there are to tell a good story and is eager to see what’ll come next. Eventually she will die on Mars, but currently she lives in the uncool part of Brooklyn. Follow her on twitter or on her website.

One comment on “1. Accessibility with Elsa S Henry

  1. JustPlainJim says:

    Really digging Modifier so far! I haven’t needed to worry much about accessability in my past games, but definitely keeping this information in mind for future games. And I’m definitely using the X Card idea. Lord knows there’s plenty of places where I could have used one of those, myself…

    I’m more of a board gamer than an RPG gamer as of late, and I know those often have accessability issues as well (e.g. every Fantasy Flight game that has multiple decks of tiny cards with even tinier print). Are there web sites and resources out there for people who want to make their existing board games more accessable?

    Love the show and can’t wait for more!

    [Edited: For an explanation email James at!]

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