Alex Roberts joins me for maximum pod-feed confusion, but mainly to talk about her first game, codenamed Tension. Inspired by Dread and romance games like Kagematsu and Hot Guys Making Out, this is a game about the emotional tension in a tricky relationship. We look at the game’s evolution, negotiation an safety mechanics, and learn about alien love.


Codename: Tension
Bully Pulpit Games
Tension AP at She’s a Super Geek – PART 1 | PART 2
Dread by Epidiah Ravachol

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Meghan Dornbrock knows that books are true magic, and has a weak spot for storytelling rogue-kings. An artist, animator, and all-around games enthusiast, she’s fascinated by the many different ways there are to tell a good story and is eager to see what’ll come next. Eventually she will die on Mars, but currently she lives in the uncool part of Brooklyn. Follow her on twitter or on her website.

One comment on “52. The Backstory of Tension with Alex Roberts

  1. JerryO says:

    I was pointed here by my friend.

    I was the gentleman in that game of Tension who hosted the parasite Alex discusses @ ~30:00. It was an amazing game and remains to this day one of my favorite game memories. My partner ‘Shi’ (my sincere apologies if I get that spelling wrong) was the one who came up with the concept and we just ran with it.

    It was powerful and a ton of fun! I am happy to hear that Alex remembers it fondly. 🙂

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