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All My Fantasy Children is a tabletop character creation, storytelling, and worldbuilding podcast powered by YOU! Each week hosts Jeff Stormer & Aaron Catano-Saez take a listener-submitted prompt and, using some of their favorite tabletop RPGs, spin them into an original fantasy character, populating a shared universe one story at a time.

Jeff Stormer

Aaron Catano-Saez

Jeff Stormer is many things: a podcaster, a game designer, a pro wrestling commentator, a scholar of comic books (no, seriously, you should check his degree), and an avid supporter of eggnog. He lives with his wife, and his jerk of a cat, in West Philadelphia.

Aaron Catano-Saez is an actor, RPG enthusiast, and Crunchyroll Premium member. While not lost in daydreams of burning shonen spirit, he lives the actor grind in NYC which is also called serving.

111. Jerome Gullgazer: The Tumbling City

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we take a trip to the Elven city of Moon Crescent, an island region with secrets lurking beneath the ocean’s surface. Join us for the tale of Jerome Gullgazer, and experience what it truly means to feel lost in the waves.

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110. Night’s Gasp: The House Always Wins

Welcome, Junior Wizards! What does it mean to be a Rogue in the world of Fantasy? Is a rogue just a person who picks locks, disarms traps, and backstabs? What if a Rogue could become more if they simply took the time to Listen?

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109. Sor Velfast: The Baseless Crest

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, Jeff and Aaron play a game of “Ancient Stones” by Jessica Osborne. Together, they create a region known as The Baseless Crest, and tell the story of the lich that resides there. Sor Velfast returned to this world and dwells in a land unknown. Lets explore the terrain and uncover...

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108. Selina Riverpass: The Wizard’s Dozen

Welcome, Junior Wizards! The Shatterpoint Fjords are a region of Fantasy where some of the most powerful Wizards alive call home. Selina Riverpass had a vision of bringing the joy of her culture to the world. This is her tale.

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107. Jaft Thundercloud: Between the Ropes

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we explore the role of healer in Fantasy. Is it a divine gift? Rigorous training? Meet Jeft Thundercloud, healer of the broken artist. A legend in his craft. A hero to those who step into the ring.

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106. Hank Grimtooth: Wyzzardd and Me

Welcome, Junior Wizards! The story of Craig “Wyzzardd” Hasterburg is one that inspires disgust in us all. But just how did Craig become He Who Wiggles the Carrot? Well, every rising star needs a manager. Join us as we tell the tale of Hank Grimtooth.

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105. Welcome to Particle: The Beach Side City at the End of the World

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, put on your walking boots and pack some sunscreen, because we’re heading down the shore! What lies beyond The Baron’s Pine? Join us as we craft a new city that lies on the edge of the world.

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104. G/Razer and Other Strangeness

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week we return to the glory of “TMNT and Other Strangeness” to create a 90s style superpowered animal with attitude! “The animal chain of command goes Beaver, Mouse, Sparrow, Deer.” G/Razer has arrived

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103. Typhoor: Falling into Sync

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, join us as we conclude the tale of Typhoor and The Navigator’s Blade! Can The Howling Wind of Barrimetris be restored? Will The Aegis ever be called to protect the city? Lets find out, shall we?

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102. The Navigator’s Blade Pt.1: The Fangs of Barometris

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, Jeff and Aaron have prepared something special for you… A legendary sword. A city in the clouds. A howling wind. This week, our Senior Wizards pass the creative baton to each other to build the foundation of a new story! Jeff forges a legendary weapon and city, and Aaron hammers...

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