It’s a very sleepy episode as Alex, Jim, and Meghan record together on the last day of Gen Con! Expect a full recap of our con experiences, lots of gushing about New World Magischola, and a very important discussion on the subject of hugs.

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Alex Roberts is a powerful force of unstoppable role-playing enthusiasm. She designs games, and writes about them sometimes, too. She is good at twitter.

7 comments on Second Watch – August 2016

  1. Caillin Barker says:

    The mix has been a bit messed up I think. Megan is very hard to hear I thought there was just no sound there until I turned my sound all the way up though you other two sound fine and normal.

    1. DocRattie says:

      This. Sadly it’s not possible to listen to it like this. 🙁

  2. Hussman says:

    Yeah, there’s split channel audio, and Meghan sounds like she’s sitting on a couch too far away and is indecipherable.

  3. Alex Roberts says:

    I’m sorry, heroes! I will have a re-edited version uploaded by the end of the week.

    1. Concerned on Coruscant says:

      So it has been well over a week now, and Meghan Is still unfortunately quiet. Any update on when we can expect this to be fixed?

      1. Concerned on Coruscant says:

        As a heads up for future listeners, the audio has been fixed.

  4. Alex Roberts says:

    You beat me to it! 🙂 The audio has been updated. My apologies for the wait.

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