Series 17.1 – Mouse Guard 2E with Charlotte and Megan [Tabletop Potluck] (Creation)

On this first episode of the 17th series, we’ll be sitting down with Megan Scharlau and Charlotte Elena from Tabletop Potluck to discuss and create characters for Mouse Guard, a cute as heck RPG from The Burning Wheel, where you play as super adorable mice people in a medieval, semi-fantasy setting.



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Megan Scharlau @Tabletop_Megan

Charlotte Elena @TheCornbreab

Tabletop Potluck


00:00:00 – Announcements

00:10:02 – Introductions

00:11:35 – What’s in a game? – Game Setting

00:12:42 – What do we need to play this game?

00:15:16 – What is unique about this game?

00:17:11 – History of the system

00:18:38 – Terms and concepts for character creation

00:19:54 – Let’s make some people!

00:29:45 – Skills and background

00:31:38 – Where were you born?

00:35:10 – Life Experience

00:38:03 – Parents

00:39:34 – How do you convince others you are right?

00:40:25 – Who did you apprentice with?

00:42:36 – What did your mentor stress in training?

00:44:11 – What is your specialty?

00:45:32 – Double check your work

00:46:33 – Mouse Nature

00:51:49 – Wises

00:56:16 – Episode Closer

00:58:11 – Show Blurbs


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