Series 12.2 – Heroes Unlimited with System Mastery (Creation Continued)

Welcome to the second episode of Series 12! Jef and Jon from System Mastery are still here creating characters with us for Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition!


Guests and Projects:

System Mastery (Jef and Jon)


00:00:00 – Announcements

00:02:40 – Recap

01:06:14 – Episode Closer

01:10:15 – Show Blurbs!

Game systems and materials discussed in this episode:


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2 comments on Series 12.2 – Heroes Unlimited with System Mastery (Creation Continued)

  1. Kevin S. says:

    A demonstration of why Palladium’s system doesn’t rule the world. ????

    Also evidence that not all “old-school” games were simple, rules-light affairs.

    1. Character Creation Cast says:

      It feels like most “old-school” games were over-burdened by rules upon rules, good or not. I believe our Blue Planet series covered this a little bit, talking about how it went from a very simulationist, what can we do as characters sorts of games to what is our character’s place in the story of the world to, nowadays, what is the story for my character directly. It’s been a very interesting evolution of game design mindset, and it’s very exciting!

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