In today’s Character Evolution Cast episode, Marie-Claire Gould, host of the What The Force? Podcast and creator of the new Fan Girls audio drama podcast, sits down with Ryan to discuss artificial intelligence and how we can better play these types of characters at the table.


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Marie-Claire Gould @MarieCGould


00:00:00 – Announcements

00:03:37 – Getting to know Marie-Claire Gould

00:38:25 – Examples of AI from Pop Culture Media

00:50:46 – What are some commonalities between all these examples?

00:59:02 – How does an AI grow?

01:05:08 – How do we all of this to our characters at the table?

01:17:44 – Finding your character’s voice

01:21:18 – Final thoughts

01:22:16 – Episode Closer

01:25:26 – Show Blurbs


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