Character Evolution Cast E09: Character Creation with All My Fantasy Children

In today’s Character Evolution Cast episode, we welcome Aaron and Jeff from All My Fantasy Children to talk about how to create characters for any system. We get into a lot of interesting topics this episode and have a ton of fun along the way.


Guests and Projects:

All My Fantasy Children

Aaron Catano-Saez: @AaronCatanoSaez

Jeff Stormer: @dexdynamo


00:00:00 – Announcements

00:02:12 – Introductions

00:05:41 – What was your favorite character creation experience?

00:11:08 – What system have you never created a character in that you really want to?

00:14:27 – Designing RPGs is amazing

00:15:52 – Getting into the main discussion

00:17:38 – How do you go about creating characters on All My Fantasy Children?

00:26:47 – What do we need to know from our group before diving into character creation?

00:35:22 – How can character details inform us of who they are as a person?

00:52:35 – How do we go from a background to figuring out what our characters would become?

01:02:59 – How can we collaborate together to make our characters better?

01:19:42 – Creating a shared backstory

01:26:41 – Anything else?

01:28:08 – Episode Closer

01:31:28 – Outtakes

01:32:21 – Show Blurbs

Materials discussed in this episode:


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Clip 3: Hero (Remix) ( by Steve Combs (

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