Character Evolution Cast E05 – AP At Home with Greyson and Amanda

On this episode of Character Evolution Cast, we welcome Amanda McLaughlin, from Join the Party, and Greyson, from Heroes Not Included, to discuss bringing lessons from Actual Play podcasts to our own tables at home.

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00:00:00 – Announcements

00:03:06 – Intro

00:06:12 – Do you have a favorite RPG podcast that you think folks should know about?

00:09:21 – What is your absolute favorite moment from a game you’ve played?

00:13:20 – Is there a game you haven’t gotten to play yet that you really want to try?

00:15:20 – What is your favorite part of being on an AP podcast?

00:20:30 – What do you think are the biggest things that people should listen for as they enjoy APs?

00:24:31 – What can players do to manage their expectations when they try to bring concepts from APs into their home games?

00:28:54 – Do you have advice for ways players can maintain staying in character?

00:34:39 – How can players make sure they are sharing the spotlight and keeping up with what is happening in the game?

00:48:11 – Do you think players in podcasts make character decisions differently?

01:03:06 – Are there any concepts you personally have brought from playing on mic to your home games?

01:06:32 – Final Thoughts

01:08:40 – Closer

01:12:03 – One Shot Network blurb



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