Evil Campaign Episode Five

After the Kaiburr Crystals escaped an imperial trap during Shelova Week, Inquisitor Louphan has a mess to clean up.

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33. Axon Punk with Colin & Cameron Kyle

Real-life punks (no, that’s a lie, they’re actually very polite boys) Colin and Cameron Kyle are here to discuss their cyberpunk hip-hop game Axon Punk! We talk about things like when do you know it’s time to stop hacking and start building, how to reach out for help with diversity, and how many cons in a row is too many cons in a row.

30. Rinel and the Forest Fighters

Welcome, Jr Wizards! This week, after allowing the Dark Magickal Spiral Ham to develop some flavors, Jeff and Aaron have returned to the smoke shack to birth a tabletop character! This week, they have used several of @thefoxblood’s prompts, but to start… “A Kobold. That’s it. Have at it. #Koboldprompt” At long last! A Kobold! How effervescent! Now lets save the wilds!

194. Noir World Part 2

Aaron Cross is the dirtiest comptroller to ever walk the earth. He’s been poisoning city hall ever since he took office and plunged the city into a dark era of crime and corruption and everyone knows it. At least they do if they read the third most popular paper.

Episode Eighty Two

Having spent all their credits just to get here, our heroes will have to once again face danger in order to pay their debts.

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33. Caitlynn Belle

Designer Caitlynn Belle joins Alex to talk about creating, refining, mentoring and problem solving. But more importantly: dying in space and bug sex.

Episode 4: Fight Night

The gang has written a big check by taking on the identities of underground pit fighters, and now it’s time to cash that check. It’s FIGHT NIGHT out in the corn fields and it’s KILL or BE KILLED.

193. Noir World Part 1

Game designer John Adamus walks James D’Amato, Kat Kuhl, Paulomi Pratap, and Jim McClure through Noir World’s character and world generation process. They set up some tangled relationships in a city plagued by corruption. Exactly what you want to hear for a noir.

32. 5 Across Erika Chappell’s Heart

It finally happened! Erika and I finally got to talk magical girls and record it as an episode!! Her game Five Across the Heart is both a rad game about punk mahous and an excellent study of the evolution of an RPG. Come hang out with us in this episode that is definitely not a ploy by the Negaverse to siphon all your mahou shoujo excitement. WINK.