64. Colin Kyle

This episodes features Colin Kyle a brand new game designer that is just starting his journey into the world tabletop design. During the episode we discuss his career in academia, tackling uncomfortable topics with game design, and his kickstarter for Axon Punk.

196. Torg Eternity Part 1

James hosts Eric Simon and some friends to preview Torg Eternity which will be up on Kickstarter soon. After earth has been invaded by a host of hostile dimensions a braves group of heroes has banded together across timelines and realities to defend humanity: The Storm Knights. Thier resistance to extradimensional influence is small yet determined.

32. History Lesson: The Old Moon

Welcome, Junior Wizards, to an All My Fantasy Children History Lesson. Today, we will learn about the Old Moon and The Perilune who ruled it. The past is riddled with questions, and with these lessons, we hope to uncover the secrets of the old.

34. Robert Bohl

Stick it to the man! Game designer Robert Bohl talks Misspent Youth, Demi-Humans, and Bitch Goddesses. A little SALT with your usual Backstory sweetness.

Episode 5: We are NeoScum

In the aftermath of their last mission, the gang’s identity begins to solidify- but is it an identity they can be proud of? Moral quandaries will be faced, NPCs will be antagonized, and the gang will be visited by the ghosts of their past.

31. Squash Cornfield: Chef des Ténèbres

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, Jeff and Aaron have gazed into The Dark Magickal Spiral Ham, and it gazed back… Thanks to a prompt (below) from Joe Pavelka, we meet Squash Cornfield, the Archmage Chef. Sometimes an episode is better listened to than read about. Some say the path of pleasure is the opposite way of godhood, but that path is not a single line – it is a circle, one of many. The “opposite” way also leads to the same place, and thus the path of ecstasy allows us to ascend as well. And what greater ecstasy than the perfect meal? A bouillabaisse after a wintry night at sea? A buttery and spirit-soaked desert as a prelude and foundation to lovemaking? A perfect egg sandwich to accompany the sun’s rising? An apple on a rooftop overlooking the city? But of course, “perfect” is relative – there are heights to cuisine yet unscaled, culinary frontiers yet unbroken. And where might they lie? Magic is a force we see in our everyday lives – a force for war, but also for innovation and convenience. So why not for food? Why has no one considered this? With magical manipulation, whether through ancient rituals, arcane ingredients, or raw elemental power – we would have a breakthrough in cooking like no civilization before has ever seen. Yes, we have potions – we consume them and they produce magical effects, but bleh – where’s the flavor? Perhaps some essence from a fire elemental to add REAL spice. Ritual infusions to open up the senses, or invent new ones. A souffle so light and fluffy, you literally float in the air. The possibilities are infinite, as is the pleasure attainable. And so I embark on this journey of discovery and invention, to bend the arcane arts to my culinary will, and to be a chef to the gods themselves, indeed a god of pleasure myself. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

195. Noir World Part 3

With Sam Lane in Jail for a crime he did not commit it seems that Aaron Cross holds all the cards. However, there is still one reporter left in The City who isn’t done digging. She’s determined to find the truth, even if it destroys her own brother.

Evil Campaign Episode Five

After the Kaiburr Crystals escaped an imperial trap during Shelova Week, Inquisitor Louphan has a mess to clean up.

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33. Axon Punk with Colin & Cameron Kyle

Real-life punks (no, that’s a lie, they’re actually very polite boys) Colin and Cameron Kyle are here to discuss their cyberpunk hip-hop game Axon Punk! We talk about things like when do you know it’s time to stop hacking and start building, how to reach out for help with diversity, and how many cons in a row is too many cons in a row.

30. Rinel and the Forest Fighters

Welcome, Jr Wizards! This week, after allowing the Dark Magickal Spiral Ham to develop some flavors, Jeff and Aaron have returned to the smoke shack to birth a tabletop character! This week, they have used several of @thefoxblood’s prompts, but to start… “A Kobold. That’s it. Have at it. #Koboldprompt” At long last! A Kobold! How effervescent! Now lets save the wilds!