Episode Forty Five

Episode 45

In which, straight-faced, the boys try to tell a veterinary physician that Tony Vornskr weighs 400lbs and possesses greater than human intelligence.

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009: Talking with Michael

Michael, from the RPG Academy, takes some time and gets into some deeper tabletop subjects with Jim. Covering everything from how they got started in tabletop, challenges of running a podcast, and how life can affect, or be affected by tabletop.

008: Talking with Mark Richardson

Mark sits down with Jim as they talk through his brand new game, Headspace, the art of Co-GMing, how Mark got into tabletop and game development.

Episode Forty Four

Episode 44

In which the crew of the Mynock goes through Phindian customs. Gripping, gripping stuff.

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007: Talking with Chris Hussman

Chris, from the Fear the Boot podcast, takes some time to talk with Jim about gaming at conventions, evangelizing the hobby, and revisiting some notable past experiences.

Episode Forty Three

Episode 43

The Mynock pulls out of hyperspace and into the Phindar system as we begin A! New!! Arc!! Maybe we’ll be able to get through this one in less than half a year? Probably not!

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006: Talking with Hamish

Hamish is a game designer from New Zealand. He sits down with Jim to talk about his game: The Sprawl. They also cover Hamish’s love of action movies, the Tunnel of Love, what it takes to put out a game, what it takes to get into gaming, and many other tabletop topics.

Episode Forty Two

Episode 42On a very special, very spooky episode of CAMPAIGN, the Mynock crew plays Dread to resolve their encroaching rabbit problem.

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005: Talking with James D’Amato

James D’Amato, the host and co-creator of the OneShot Podcast and the Campaign Podcast, talks through a range of in-depth tabletop subjects with Jim.

First Watch 2

James and Kat discuss Splatoon, bicycles, magical fermentation, preserves, and Kobolds. That’s right. Someone was foolish enough to let James talk about Kobolds.