4. Laser Kittens with Cheyenne Wall-Grimes

What’s the difference between a Laser Kitten and a Glitter Cat? Where does a kitten learn to cat? Why do their eyes glow, and what sorts of laser powers do cats even have? Cheyenne Wall-Grimes helps solve those mysteries and more through her new RPG in this purr-fect episode of Meowdifier! Er, Modifier.

25. Talking with Rob Justice and Mike Curry

On today’s show is Rob Justice and Mike Curry, or as you may know them, the design team for 7th Sea. At the time of this episode the 7th Kickstarter has raised $667,000 and is only $15,000 away from being the biggest tabletop RPG kickstarter of all time and it still has 20 days to go. Rob and Mike are passionate game designers that took time out of their crazy schedules to discuss the record breaking kickstarter and all of the excitement that is 7th Sea 2nd Edition.

Episode Fifty Five

Episode 55

With dawn only a few hours away, I think we’re safe to call it a night. Looking back, a whole lot happened that first day of BHIKKE.

4. Laura Simpson

Designer and artist Laura Simpson chats with Alex about too many things to list! Highlights include her upcoming game Companion’s Tale, designing in community, and pretending to be a vampire on the internet. If you remember what a MUSH is, you’re in luck.

Talking with Ken Hite

On this episode of Talking TableTop is a very special guest, the one and only Ken Hite. Ken is a professional game designer that has worked on GURPS, the Star Treck RPGs, Trail of Cthulhu, and Night’s Black Agents as well as several dozen other projects. During this interview we discuss how Ken got into developing games, what the changing landscape has looked like for RPG designers over the last 30 year, and how me got into podcasting with his good friend Robin Laws.

Episode Fifty Four

Episode 54

 Bacta boogies down at the BHIKKE Ball, Tryst and Lyn seek the aid of Coneman and Tupp, and Leenik gets some advice from an unlikely source.

26. Roll 20 and OGL

James talks to Suzanne Wallace and Nolan T. Jones of Roll20 about online play, the changing face of tabletop, and D&D 5th edition OGL on Roll20’s virtual marketplace.

3. Mass Effect on the Edge of the Empire

(genuine enthusiasm) Homebrewer Richard shares his journey in creating and playtesting an Edge of the Empire conversion to the Mass Effect universe. (further informational statement) Along with Cat, his wife and a member of the guinea pig game group, Richard shares what worked, what didn’t, and how the adventure is going.

Talking with Nathan Paoletta

On this episode of Talking TableTop is Nathan Paoletta. Nathan is a profession game designer that has published such games as Carry, Masks of the Mummy king, and Jim’s personal favorite, World Wide Wrestling. In this interview they discuss how Nathan got into designing RPGs, what it is like balancing a full schedule of freelance work and personal projects, and their favorite past time, professional wrestling.

134. It was a Mutual Decision Part 1

One of the worst parts about falling in love is that it sometimes doesn’t work out. Looking back on failed relationships it can feel like you have experienced the worst behavior humanity has to offer. Designer Ron Edwards channeled that awfulness into It Was a Mutual Decision. A game about breaking up that suggests our worst selves might not be human at all.

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