Episode 3: Lil Marco

Riding high off their first job completed as a team, the gang walks into a part of Shadowrun that’s way too high leveled for them.

28. Ravenspire: Fullpunk Achemist

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, the Super Ham Brothers handle one of their most powerful clogs to date! The only way down this Dark Magickal Drainpipe is by channeling the energy granted by a prompt from @rkreutzlandry “A rock (and roll) gnome who died in a pyrotechnic display and has returned as a ghost” to create… Ravenspire, Fantasy’s most punk rock pyro spectre!

191. The Compass Cats: Re-Orienteering

After a stunning defeat in the Dungeon Dome, Percival the Unwavering and Small Benjamin, known collectively to their fans as The Compass Cats, are in a period of soul searching. Having fought in the Dome for years with an undefeated record they must find a way to rebuild their sense of identity. What better way to do that than with a mission from Queen Felicia herself?

31. Noir World with John Adamus

This is one of those episodes where we talk about a game and a Kickstarter, yes, but more than that we talk about the process of creation itself. John Adamus, known in part for his tweetstorms of encouragement to creators, gets really deep with how Noir World came to be and how it changed over its 70+ iterations.

All My Fantasy Secrets: 1

Welcome, Junior Wizards! The Spiral Ham has unexpectedly released a torrent of Dark Magicks, revealing a glimpse of All My Fantasy Secrets, our Patreon-exclusive series! Aaron and Jeff wanted to share our January episode in order to give you a taste of what the Dark Magickal Patreon Ham offers to those willing to stare into it…

190. Dogs In the Vineyard Part 4

Benjamin and Seriah have confronted evidence of hatred and murder, the end of the path that starts with pride. It could be Ben’s love for his brother blinding him from the will of the King of Life, or it could be an explanation for all the dark signs they have seen in Heaven. Even as inexperienced Dogs, their choices represent the King’s will. If they falter in judgement, they will falter in faith.

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27. Piera Spencer: Knick-knack Baddie-whack

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, with the end of the Dark Magickal Blizzard, Jeff and Aaron have been reunited and can once more gaze into the Spiral Ham! The Ham’s energy traveled through a prompt from @Swordgirlfriend on Twitter “A mage who just wants to be a rogue” To create Piera Spencer! With the help of Madeline Hale’s character creation book, Table Fables (amazon link below!)our Senior Wizards were given the powerful tables they needed to give life! https://www.amazon.com/Table-Fables-collection-tables-master/dp/1542678595/ref=sr\_1\_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1488650995&sr=8-1&keywords=table+fables Let the cat and mouse games begin

Evil Campaign Episode Four

Our good old boys from the ISB cherish a brief moment of respite, then rally to contend with the smuggler who’s more than he seems. But will they remember to shoot their propo piece?!

31. Josh Jordan

Gather ’round as designer and educator Josh Jordan tells us about about the unstoppable force of creativity, candy as cultural exchange, and collaboration as the cure for impostor syndrome. Should larpwrights be keeping an eye on reality TV? Well, probably not, I guess…