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010: Talking with Phil Vecchione

Podcast Episode

Phil Vecchione spends some time talking through all the great ways he has taken part in the world of tabletop. Phil and Jim cover how life and tabletop can balance, how Phil started contributing to the industry, and the evolution of GM styles.

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One Shot Podcast

120. Mythic Mortals

Podcast Episode

The opening night of Loosey Goosey Presents: The Any Fischer Story an improvised trial of the century goes horribly wrong as James D’Amato is kidnapped by a horrible monster during the opening. It is up to his girlfriend, little sister, and scene partner to discover their superpowers, rescue James, and save the show.

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119. Rogue Trader Part 3

Podcast Episode

  The officers of The Golden Corral are locked in a desperate battle for their lives and cool guns, with an enemy they cannot see: the Eldar Warp Spiders. Also a sense of dread begins to settle in. Though the Eldar are formidable opponents, it is clear they are not responsible for all the damage […]

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Campaign 45 Delayed A Week

Hello, Heroes. The episode that should have aired this week has some of the most complicated voice work I’ve toyed with to date. There’s still a small chunk of that voice work to be done, and I’m working to complete it. Unfortunately, I’ve been battling a bad migraine this week. It hasn’t let up, and it […]

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118. Rogue Trader Part 2

Podcast Episode

The crew of the Golden Corral continues to investigate the mystery of the derelict colony ship. It is clear there is violence in the history of this ill fated vessel, and wealth hidden away in its abandoned halls. However Captain Vienna Schnitzel and his crew are still ignorant of the lingering danger. Lucky for the […]

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