Co-op Mood 3: Enter the Dungeon(s and Dragons)

Shane and Sally open the episode by talking about the billion dollar (billion! Dollar!) video game coaching industry. Then they talk about the video games that provide a damn good simulacrum of sitting around a table playing D&D with buddies.

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Bloomberg: Billion Video-Game Coaching Business Ramps Up During Lockdown

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357. Visigoths VS Mall Goths Part 3

NeoScum Live at Gen Con 2019 // Patreon Unlock!

NeoScum’s Gen Con 2019 live show is now available to all!

In this alternate universe what if, NeoScum revisits Ep. 38: Chaos Take The Wheel where a decisive game of blackjack determined the path ahead. If Lady Luck saw fit, just what future would this world hold?

Jailbreak Episode Four

The charge through Pyrite Detention Facility continues as Local, Lions, and Wari look for a level 3 keycard.

Skyjacks: Episode 61

Jonnit takes Adrian up on her invitation to attend service at the Church of the Slain God. Gable goes to meet the Church official who sent the crew a note after their confrontation on the doc. Travis continues his worst nightmare: vocalizing authentic feelings.

Main Show: Scary religious rhetoric, cynical church official, deep emotional revelation, drowning imagery
Dear Uhuru: Good for kids!

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144. The Bridge to Nowhere: Buckle Up

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, Jeff and Aaron discover the mystery of The Bridge to Nowhere.

Where does it lead?

Why was it created?

Why do I have a memory of this bridge?


Episode Notes

In this episode, we dive head first into AMFC’s lore!

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Co-op Mood 2: War is Hell (of a Good Time)

After discussing the Nintendo PlayStation and how weird and (apparently) valuable it is, Shane and Sally talk about how video games explore and portray war, from the jingoistic gun porn options to the games that are grounded in the brutal reality of combat trauma.

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Engadget: Bidding for the ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ prototype is already over $200k

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Series 27.3 – Beyond the Wall with Alex Flanigan and Adam Steward (Discussion)

In the last episode of series 27, we welcome back Alex Flanigan, from the A Horror Borealis and The Cryptid Keeper podcasts, as our special guest co-host, filling in for Amelia due to a family emergency at the time of recording. We also welcome back Ryan’s best friend since the first grade, and current GM for their campaign together using the system we’re covering this series: Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures, a Fantasy RPG by Flatland Games. This episode we’ll be discussing what we thought of the game as well as learning more about our characters during the fanfic portion of the show! Read More

356. Visigoths VS Mall Goths Part 2

We join two groups of teens at the mall for a normal day of kidnapping and conquest. The mall goths discover that a rogue group of Visigoths have kidnapped their friend Raven in an attempt to fully annex the first floor. Meanwhile, two Visigoths contemplate their plans for the dance that will be help at the mall this evening.

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AHB76: Session Zero (Lines, Veils, Meet the Gang)

It’s a totally groovy, brand-new vintage adventure! Join Alex along with new friends MJ, Val, and JV as they make decisions about the Revenant of the 1970s, talk about their wants and needs for the game, and introduce the world to a colorful new cast of heroes.

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