Second Watch!

Meghan, Alex and Jim are finally awake, and the Second Watch tackles garbage television, fursonas, mangoes, and of course games.

March 2016

James and Kat discuss Kickstarter, worldbuilding, and get help from a special guest for their random encounter!

7. Modifier Gets A Lawyer!

We’ve been threatening it for weeks, but we finally did it. Friend of the network and actual lawyer Priyanko “Pranks” Paul breaks down WotC’s OGL and answers your legal questions about using the license. Turns out, it’s way less scary than it looks!

30. Talking with Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor

This episode of Talking TableTop features Grant Howitt and Chris Taylor. Grant and Chirs are independant game designers and the minds behind some amazing games like Goblin Quest, Havoc Brigade, and One Last Job. During the show we talk about these games and their current kickstarter Unbound.

7. Shanna Germain

Shanna Germain, co-founder and Creative Director of Monte Cook games, joins Alex for a deep dive into her creative process and bevy of current projects. We chat about everything from the challenges and rewards of designing games for kids to the interesting parallels between the role-playing and kink communities. What could be more intriguing than that?

29. Talking with Shawn Merwin

This week’s episode features Shawn Merwin. Shawn has been a writer and director or organized play for over 15 years, he crafts games with Encoded designs, and he co-hosts a podcast called Down with D&D. In this episode we talk about the history of organized play, how it has changed an evolved over the last two decades, and his approach to designing games.

6: The Cypher System with Bruce Cordell

Monte Cook Games, fine purveyors of Numenera and The Strange, is in the middle of a Kickstarter to launch three new settings for their Cypher System. Senior designer and veteran game writer Bruce Cordell breaks down both the system and the Kickstarter, flawlessly alleviating Meghan’s page-count induced panic attack and completing her conversion to Cypher fangirl. Join us, won’t you?

Episode Fifty Seven

Episode 57

In which half the party starts a quest line, and half the party shops.

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28. John Wick

On this episode of Talking TableTop is part two of the interview with John Wick. In this show John and Jim Talk about one of their favorite past times, professional wrestling, John’s personal DM style, his post AEG design career, and of course his record breaking kickstarter, 7th sea.