16. Mr Jeans: The Trash Person Training Program

Put on your thinking caps, Junior Wizards! In this episode, thanks to @LeviathanFiles’ prompt, “Mr Jeans is \*5[= 3@\*/\>;’s manager. Wheelin’ and dealin’ to get them the best booking. May or may not be a myconid in disguise.” Aaron and Jeff must solve the mystery of Mr Jeans. Who do they manage? Also why are they wearing just a vest and pants in the frozen North?

24. Avery Alder

Prolific and influential game designer Avery Alder joins Alex to talk about re-entering game design with collaboration and care at the forefront. We also talk queerness, monstrosity, and kids in rpgs. Lots of other stuff too. It’s a good chat.

Satanic Panic Episode 4 – The Agent

The comic store has been cleared, but Middletown Ohio is not safe yet. Alexander is in a bad way and trouble is brewing on the outskirts of town. One last basement to investigate, one last piece of information to be found, and one new agent added to the mix.

Evil Campaign Episode Two

Metalorn Card

Our good boys in red and blue have done their duty. It turns out some of the production issues on Metalorn are actually programming issues. But how do we program people without the holonet? And what is Unreal City?

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15. Swiftwind and the Messenger Sword

Get ready for a Dark Magick BOGO! This week, Jeff and Aaron have put in a little extra power to grant their listeners a duo of Fantasy Children! Thanks to prompts from BOTH @birch\_pine and @jetpackisland, we get to meet the greatest crime-fighting pair the Fantasy World has ever seen!

23. Join the Secret Society with Keith Baker’s Illimat

Am I allowed to just issue an open invitation like that? Am I going to get kicked out now? Shoot. Don’t tell anyone I told you, okay? Oh good. Since we’re cool now, Keith Baker is here to tell us all about Illimat, and what it was like to create a game from a bunch of components that had already been carefully designed.

14. Ansel Mindfreak: Shabwah

Fire up the Deadjournal, Junior Wizards! (Recommended before listening: The Wyzzardding World of Craig Hasterburg) This week, Aaron and Jeff channel the Dark Magick within twitter user @Corvidcall’s prompt: “a crow magician who likes arts and crafts” The two come face to face with the one and only, Ansel. Mindfreak. Shabwah! The two learn about comedy, crows, and eating shit and dying slow.

Satanic Panic Episode 3 – The Sampson Family

A body was found in the basement of Open Page Comics, and an ominous sign carved into it’s chest, “THAC0”. The agents set up an interesting sting operating utilizing a complex market strategy for the store in an effort to find more information about the goings on in Middletown Ohio.

13. Eliza and Callahan: The Labyrinth of Love

This week Aaron and Jeff were beamed a prompt from Penumdra that is chock full of dark energy! “A ranger whose animal companion used to be a human” Join our two Senior Wizards as they create Eliza Johnswort, Halfling Ranger, and her animal companion, Callahan Whiskerman. Love sprouts in the most unpredictable of pumpkin patches.

23. Whitney Beltràn

Game designer, writer, and consultant Whitney “Strix” Beltràn talks designing with fairy tales, role-playing with archetypes, and keeping mythologies alive.