Satanic Panic Episode 6 – Room 204

Face with a possessed girl in the middle of a high school cafeteria the team takes drastic action to try and isolate the situation. However, unforeseen circumstances make this task far harder than anyone expected…

178. Exalted Part 3

Mal and his companions have discovered the terrible truth about Wellspring. Now they are faced with the difficult decision of how to proceed. Even for the Exalted of the sun caste the prospect of punishing a god is no easy task.

17. Justice Judicator: Life After Liminy

Put back on your brass gears, Junior Wizards! (Recommended before listening: Madam Mysteria) Aaron and Jeff are going HAM with their Dark Magickal abilities to do a little bit of world-building this episode as they re-enter Grasshopper city to create a character from @Spectacles\_ak’s prompt “a fighter who claims to a paladin that’s just between gods right now, ok?” Enter… Lendin “Justice” Judicator

25. Mo Turkington

Larpwright and publisher Mo Turkington on larping theatrically, embodiment and immersion, and “the unbearable weight of representation.”

Satanic Panic Episode 5 – Amy

After a harrowing engagement with a TSR Agent in Middletown Ohio the team is sent out to Talawanda High school on reports of a demon possessed girl. The insertion method of choice? 80’s fashion and bad radio DJs.

177. Exalted Part 2

Mal (James D’Amato), Li (Jim MCclure), and Chul Quitl (Rob Stith) have discovered that the river has stopped flowing because its god is in deep emotional turmoil after his favored priest disappeared. Tho resolve this situation they must discover why the priest left his place at his deities side.

24. Supporting Setting with Mechanics in Jason Pitre’s Sig

Sig is a multiplanar fantasy setting for Jason Pitre’s game Spark, and is a fantastic example of mechanics supporting and reinforcing setting. But, how do you do that thing? Luckily Jason has some experience crafting mechanics that evoke experience and promote setting, so we talk all about it, and his upcoming Sig kickstarter too!

Episode Seventy Four


In which I figure they’ll do things, but they just chill in the PI office mostly.

Satanic Panic Bonus Episode

On this special bonus episode of Satanic Panic, Dr Kessler, Alexander, and Macklin return from a botched mission and must try and talk their way out of a debriefing with Glen Dotson.

57. Dan of Fear the Boot – Part 1

This episode is part 1 of a conversation with Dan, the originator of the Fear the Boot podcast. Fear the Boot is the longest running tabletop podcast and during this interview Dan talks about how it got started, his early days in tabletop, and his daily struggles this mental illness and abuse.