A Horror Borealis

LOSERS: A Love Story part 9

As Eddie tries to retrace the footsteps of a lifetime spent running, he is forced to reckon with an identity built on fear and the bravery demanded of him for the trials to come–a bravery that someone else may have seen in him all along.

This is the story of the hypochondriac and the cast.

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LOSERS: A Love Story part 8

With Bill at her side, Beverly walks toward home–confronting a violent past and the lifetime of wrong loves she’s known.

This is the story of the warrior and the poem.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 7

Having survived the standpipe, Stan and Ben return to the hotel, where Ben’s fears wear a too-familiar face.

This is the story of the heart and the torn page.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 6

Following Mike’s example, the other Losers resolve to retrace the steps of nearly 30 years ago to find their own totems–through whatever terrible means necessary.

This is the story of the ghost and the birds.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 5

The Losers weren’t the only children to grow up in Derry. And Mike Hanlon wasn’t the only one who stayed.

This is the story of the librarian and the rock.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 4

Don’t you know how it ends, Bill? You started the story. Now you’ve got to finish it.

As the end looms just ahead of them, Bill remembers how it all began–and begins to grasp the role he has to play in the days ahead. But as the past comes, fragmented, into focus, it begins to reassert itself in other ways, too. Once they remember–truly remember–who they are to each other, will any of them be able to walk away from it all? Or will the challenge in front of them feel even more impossible once the Losers know they have something to lose?

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 3

Well…at least you know you didn’t come back here for nothing.

As the Losers begin to remember the shape of their shared past, they’re faced with a choice: to confront a thing they desperately want to forget, or to run from a home they’ve only just started to rediscover. But then again, maybe they don’t have as much of a choice as they think. One thing’s for sure–if they stay in Derry, the past is bound to catch up. And right now, It knows them better than they know themselves.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 2

We have to stop It now. Because we didn’t stop It last time.

The past closes in on our heroes as a bond bigger than any of them slowly reclaims their lives. Here, in the place where they grew up, there are secrets waiting for them–dark secrets, terrible secrets, things which have defined the courses of their lives even from a million miles away. But there are other things here, too–things which just might be strong enough to save them all.

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LOSERS: A Love Story – Part 1

You’ve heard this story before. But never like this.

A threat that surfaces every 27 years. A town where devastating tragedy after devastating tragedy fades quietly into history and out of memory. An entire childhood forgotten by every person who shared it–except for one. And now he’s calling them back to finish what they started.

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AHB76 EPISODE 3 – Get Closer

Confronted with an up close and personal look at the creepy ghost from Aemyn’s sketches, the Sitka Street Gang has some BIG questions. Questions like, what the heck is it? How is it hurting people? What’s the deal with war, anyway? And how many Pop Tarts is too many?

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