Sidequest Card Pepper Tupp

Everyone’s favorite super sleuths square off against some grade-Aurek mooks. Tupp’s opponent? An in-distress medical droid that definitely had a different name last episode. Coneman’s? Three seasoned bounty hunters. Seems like a pretty fair fight for the prize-winning author.

About the Author
Kat Kuhl is a living spell cast by the Urwitch to summon beautiful stories into this world. She possesses the intellect of any three men of genius, a comprehensive knowledge of all things that never were, and eyes of a deeply hypnotic quality that strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.

3 comments on Sidequest: Episode Three

  1. Kane says:

    Wait a minute, Kat was right in the episode when she said Tupp and Coneman knew about the Herglics. They learned that two Herglic bounty hunters had gone missing in the first episode! It totally makes sense for them to draw a line from missing Herglic bounty hunter and the bounty hunters snooping around to the abducted Herglic in this episode.

  2. Ravenstar says:

    Yet another terrific episode of Campaign! I have been thoroughly enjoying Sidequest. I just have one question…

    You ever dance with a Tamlin in a pale green light?

  3. Aviv says:

    Tam is just the most adorable thing in the Space Adventures Universe. Can’t wait for the episode where the Mynock crew gets a visit from Space Child Protection Services.

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