Episode 38With more than a potential new vest on the line, can the Mynock crew keep their cool as they back their enemies into a corner?


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Kat Kuhl is a living spell cast by the Urwitch to summon beautiful stories into this world. She possesses the intellect of any three men of genius, a comprehensive knowledge of all things that never were, and eyes of a deeply hypnotic quality that strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.

11 comments on Episode Thirty Eight

  1. Alco says:

    Fun episode.

    Shame about Blue, he seemed like an interesting villain. But I guess that’s murder hobos for you.

    1. Rapido says:

      I have a feeling Blue’s not done just yet, but I could be wrong.

      1. Alco says:

        Lets hope! It seemed like an npc with a lot of effort put in. It’s always annoys me as a GM when the players get bloodthirsty like that and trash a story character for no reason. Even if they do do it with a cool one liner.

        1. We were aware that he could not possibly kill him because of the adversary rules, so we just had fun with it.

          1. Alco says:

            I wasn’t aware of that, that re-frames things thanks!

  2. Impulse says:

    I really wish theses episodes were as long as the earlier ones. It feels like a when they added thank yous and dear mynock letters they cut down a lot on episode length.

    1. We try to end the episode at a point that makes sense. We found that sometimes we hit a really good narrative beat to close an episode and we aren’t quite at a decent episode length. Our only choice was to tread water until we his time. That’s a big challenge and it leads to sloppier storytelling.

      For instance when Bacta announced he was leaving the party in the Cloud City Cavallier penthouse it was a perfect time to leave y’all on a cliff hanger. However, we were about 45 min into the episode and couldn’t stop. We ended up having to add about 15-20 minutes where we resolved that little twist. It would have been better and more exciting if everyone thought Bacta might be separated from the party for a few episodes.

      The Dear Mynock letters allow us greater flexibility in ending a show. This recent crop of episodes have been shorter, but that’s because the story his natural cliffhangers: Leenik losing a hand, Tryst cornering Blue, and the Inquisitor challenging The Mynock.

      It might seem like we are cutting the episodes short to accommodate the letters, but we aren’t. The letters are freeing us to make the story flow better. In the future, episodes that are naturally 50-60 min. will be posted as they have been in the past.

      The backer thank yous are not factored into the final count on episode length.

      I hope that clears this up!


      1. Impulse says:

        Thank you for responding James you cleared up a lot. However while all the other cliffhangers you mentioned worked and made me excited for what might happen in next weeks episode this week’s did not. For example when Leenik lost his hand it made me wonder how this would be resolved like would he still be fighting Zero or if he would lose the hand forever. Where this week I wasn’t thinking what will happen next I was thinking I know they are going to have a dogfight.

        1. Kat Kuhl says:

          Yo. Kat here. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not trying to give you cliffhangers. I’m trying to find a natural stopping point. Aerial combat when played fully to the rules takes as long as regular combat, which means we’re looking at around two hours of recorded time that will edit down to one hour of episode we put on the air. It doesn’t make sense to start in and end very early on into a combat that will last the entire next episode. Hence, we stopped it there.

          I’m more concerned with cohesion than length. And, as James said,I don’t factor in other things at all. Were we to not do dear mynocks, this would clock in as a super short episode. *shrugs* I don’t intend to adjust how I’m doing this any time soon.

          1. Wanderingbishop says:

            What? You choose not to forcibly mould the organic nature of a tabletop RPG story into a rigid time structure? Rabblerabblerabble!

  3. Daysen says:

    This is the first episode I have been able to listen to as it has come out. Feels good to be caught up. love how well you all can just play off each other, never miss a beat and just keep the flow going! I try my best to model my games after yours, thanks for all the inspiration.

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