Episode 49Ok. This one is Tryst on two dinner dates. They’re taking place in the same restaurant. Hijinks… ensue… I want to reiterate that this is a Star Wars game.

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Kat Kuhl is a living spell cast by the Urwitch to summon beautiful stories into this world. She possesses the intellect of any three men of genius, a comprehensive knowledge of all things that never were, and eyes of a deeply hypnotic quality that strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.

2 comments on Episode Forty Nine

  1. Robyn says:

    HOLY COW!!! GREAT Episode!

  2. LeadMagnet says:

    Oh you absolutely beauties. I’ve listened in happy, anonymous silence to this point, but that sensational ending of this episode has forced me to comment, mainly to try in some way articulate the HNNNGGGG!!!! sensation that my brain is giving off.

    Nope, clearly that’s not going to happen. HNNNGGGG it is, then. Carry on, you delightful maniacs.

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