Episode 57

In which half the party starts a quest line, and half the party shops.

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About the Author
Kat Kuhl is a living spell cast by the Urwitch to summon beautiful stories into this world. She possesses the intellect of any three men of genius, a comprehensive knowledge of all things that never were, and eyes of a deeply hypnotic quality that strike fear into the hearts of the wicked.

5 comments on Episode Fifty Seven

  1. Kyle Reis says:

    WOW another great show! Thanks for bringing back pliff I literally fell out of my chair laughing.

  2. NorwegianFan says:

    Does paper exist in your version of the Galaxy?

    1. Kat Kuhl says:

      Most of the times anyone says paper, they mean flimsi. Lyn’s notebook’s flimsi, Leenik’s books are collectors items and flimsi. The book he nabbed to hand to Aava is made of leather and legit paper. Waxed paper, but still. YEESH.

      1. NorwegianFan says:

        YEESH!.. Hehe. I just relatively newly discovered that there supposedly is no paper in the fiction and the Galaxy, so I was just curious about your take on it. I never even heard of flimsi :p I`ll use that in my game. Thanks 🙂

  3. Isadora says:

    The Trump impersonation made wheeze so hard! Dear Mynock letters are always the cherry to this certainly delicious cake!

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