For our inaugural episode, Alex chats with Fiasco creator Jason Morningstar. We discuss his early forays into game design, his philosophy of play, and exciting happenings in the world of larp. Have you gone to Ghost Court? You will.


About the Author
Alex Roberts is a powerful force of unstoppable role-playing enthusiasm. She designs games, and writes about them sometimes, too. She is good at twitter.

12 comments on Jason Morningstar

  1. Dan says:

    Great stuff. Really looking forward to hearing more of this show!

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      Thank you! I’m so excited to be sharing it with everyone!

  2. Sean Kelly says:

    For what it’s worth, the feed URL is: In iTunes you can do File->Subscribe to Podcast, enter the URL, and be good to go. For those of you who, like me, want to listen to this on your phone today-ish instead of waiting for iTunes to index the show.

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      Thanks Sean! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about when the show will be on iTunes so this is really handy.

  3. Alex Wilson says:

    Great inaugural show, good questions and a good guest, can’t wait for more! Also, you have an awesome name (from a fellow Alex).

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      Aw, thanks! Feeling that Alex love <3

  4. RusakRakesh says:

    I liked the episode! Could use show notes with links to some subjects mentioned 🙂

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      Great minds think alike – I’m going to include a little Works Cited in all following episodes. Here’s a quick one for this ep:

      Bully Pulpit Games
      Jason’s G+
      Dust Devils
      The Fiasco Companion
      New World Magicschola

  5. Will says:

    Well, we’re off to a great start with this chill as heck music. This was a really informative interview, learned a lot about larp. Thanks Alex (and Jason)!

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      That’s wonderful! I love sharing larp with the world!

  6. Man, I’m crazy about this podcast. It’s the quality and tone of NPR but better…and RPG-er.

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      The highest compliment! <3

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