Game designer, streamer, RPG theorist and your new favourite podcast host DC joins us to talk about twitter threads and forging in the dark.

Mutants in the Night
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About the Author
Alex Roberts is a powerful force of unstoppable role-playing enthusiasm. She designs games, and writes about them sometimes, too. She is good at twitter.

4 comments on 65. DC

  1. Ancusohm says:

    I really enjoyed the episode, and I’m interested in going to DC’s Discord channel, but I can’t find a link.

    Could you add a link to the notes (assuming his discord isn’t a Patreon-exclusive thing)?

    1. You might have better luck asking him on twitter, I’m not in it.

  2. Stephen Masson says:

    Hello I’m just catching up with these and wondering what if anything happened with the “In Theory” show they discussed near the end of the recording. Thanks!

    1. DC did two episodes, but got extremely busy. IT’s on indefinite hiatus.

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