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4 comments on 5. Sarah Lynne-Bowman

  1. Sean Kelly says:

    You know it’s weird… until this interview I never realized how much LARP has in common with 90s rave culture (and a host of other cultural phenomena as well). Once you set aside the basic framework (music vs. intentional roleplay) it’s practically the same thing. In fact, the discussion on transformative experiences made me wonder if anyone has ever written a paper comparing something like LARP to religion. I know that that gets into somewhat contentious territory, but particularly if you look at some of the more extreme examples like Charismatic Christianity, I think a lot of people go specifically seeking a transformative experience. And sure, in LARP maybe people aren’t collapsing and speaking in tongues, but obviously both are structured in a way that allows one to engage with oneself in a way that is taboo in everyday society. Great stuff.

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      I was hoping someone would pick up on that T.A.Z. nod! I actually have an academic background in theology (among other things) and I had a professor who was so fascinated by rave culture – picture this softspoken Parisian Catholic scholar getting all worked up over teens accessing the numinous in these totally emergent and unpredictable ways. It was great. I dunno if larp is religious exactly, but I think the ravers and the charismatic congregations and the larpers are seeking much the same thing: a truly meaningful experience of being alive.

  2. Dogface says:

    Wow!! This interview was so packed full of incredibly interesting things I’m not even sure how to start responding.. but for now I’ll just say thanks so much for doing it (both!), along with all the other amazing stuff you put out! OSP is hands-down my favourite RP-related thing at the moment. 🙂

    1. Alex Roberts says:

      Yay! Sarah gets all the credit for this one. She is one fascinating lady.

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