Quinn Wilson

Recovery Episode Two

The crew reacts to the news Cleo received in her phone call and prepare to respond.

Recovery Episode One

The city of Eo has changed in the last two weeks, and the Arms of the Tide call for Cleo, Lions, and Local once again.

The Conduit Revolt Episode Three

As the assault on the station continues, things reach a head for CJ, Willette, and Kendrick.

The Conduit Revolt Episode Two

This week the crew blows this two cent popsicle stand, and quite a bit more.

The Conduit Revolt Episode One

Times are changing in Eo, and tonight, through the actions of WIllette, Kendrick, and CJ, the city is shaken to its very foundation.

Slag and Smoke Episode Four

The crew deals with the fallout of their encounter with The Unit Unnamed

Slag and Smoke Episode Three

The encounter in the jewelry factory escalates in ways that could not have been anticipated.

Slag and Smoke Episode Two

The invasion of the jewelry factory begins and things do not go as planned.

Slag and Smoke Episode One

After a threatening call from Anatoli, the crew starts a new job.

The Blame Game Episode Ten

The crew catches their breath now that the job is over.