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Pranks Paul is a dual-classed Rogue/Bard; a certified and certifiable lawyer. He can be found on Twitter @roguetldr. Warning: puns.


Sometimes waking up, eating breakfast, and leaving McDuck manor on time for a business meeting is the greatest adventure of all. Or at least this episode would have you believe.

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Animorphs 4 – Feeding Frenzy

A fancy boy band date devolves into a food fight.

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Animorphs 3 – Pre-Date Jitters!

Having learned all they can about the boy band Car Crash Dinosaur Museum, the Animorphs prepare for the most important date of their young lives.

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Animorphs 2 – You Can’t Win ‘Em Mall

More shopping, with a side of hotel espionage! This is the most prep work teens have ever done for a fancy date.

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TMNT 3 – Shell-ebrate Good Times

The Gang Green makes its way to Dimension X to confront Shredder and Krang. But where will they find parking!?

TMNT 2 – Eat Feet!

The Turtles attempt to find out more about the Pet-rification of New York City. Michelangelo perfects a new combat technique.

​TMNT 1 – A Turtle Cat-astrophe

This week, ADVENTURE tackles heroes in a half shell who are green.

Magic School Bus 2 – The Magic School Bus Gets Needled

Having saved cousin Robert Phillip from the Bus Pox, Ms. Frizzle’s class learns about herd immunity by being locked in a room with a diseased peer. But can the class escape before they suffer any ill effects? And why doesn’t anyone find Carlos’ enthusiasm infectious? Tune in to ADVENTURE to find out!

Magic School Bus 1 – The Magic School Bus Goes Viral

Hello class, and welcome to ADVENTURE! This week, the kids in Ms. Frizzle’s class take a field trip inside Phoebe’s cousin in order to learn how vaccines work.

Harry Potter 3: Ronning Amok

Hermione, Ron, and Luna’s idea isn’t fully baked yet, so they head to the kitchens to consult with everyone’s favorite house-elf.