About the Author
James D’Amato, the world’s foremost Kobold advocate, moved to Chicago in 2010 to train at Second City and iO in the art of improvisational comedy. He now uses that education to introduce new people to role-playing, and teach die-hard Grognards new tricks.

169. Dialect Part 2

After years of oppression workers in the body are growing tired of their meager lifestyles, despite Gheppetto’s attempts to placate them with Honey Days. The specialized language with in the remote martian colony evolves a revolutionary tone as dissonants try to contact outsiders. However, it is not clear who might be listening to their broadcasts.

First Watch – August/September 2016

James and Kat discuss their fun lives for the past two months including Grumpy Witch, Illimat, and Gencon!

168. Dialect Part 1

A martian colony is cut off from Earth for decades. Overs this time they begin to develop a unique, if cultish culture. Words take on new meanings as the colonists struggle to find a home on their new planet.

167. Year 3 Bloopers

To accommodate our production schedule, and provide James with a small break, we are releasing the bloopers from the third year of ONE SHOT! These are the mistakes, back room conversations, and bits that we didn’t feel were appropriate for air. Enjoy our hot trash!

166. The Mustang

For years the people of burnt tree have lived in fear of a beast with hair like soot, eyes like coals, and a heart full of vile malice. Some don’t believe in it, some swear they have seen it, everyone closes their shutters and prays to god the screaming thing at the edge of town doesn’t come for them in the night.

165. Rockalypse Part 3

With the principal fooled (at least temporarily) Buckle Punch only has one obstacle standing between them and Valhalla: The Scantrons. Lead by actual half demon mean girl MNrissa and their former drummer, it will take the show of their lives to win.

164. Rockalypse Part 2

Knuckle Punch managed to get their application in to the Cerberus High Battle of the Bands in order to compete for a spot in Valhalla. However the principle has just forbidden their bassist from playing the show because “teachers can’t compete in bands with students.” Will they manage to sneak Mr. Buckingham into the show? Or are they doomed to eternal damnation?

163. Rockalypse Part 1

The students of Cerberus High are living in the most horrific hell imaginable: High School for ETERNITY. Life is misery whether they are dodging fire raining from the sky, running from three headed dogs, or preparing for the trigonometry final.

BONUS: The Gencon ONE SHOT Annual Panel 2016

We had a great year at the ONE SHOT Network! Join us as we celebrate our success, reflect on our failure, and announce what’s coming next!

162. InSpectres II Part 3

The Spirit Snatchers face their greatest challenge yet as they grapple with the Ahm-bud-mahn, a terrifying demon with a personal vendetta against our favorite whip wielding paranormal investigators. Will the cryptic advice they receive from Aramaic phrases, and creepy possessed children be enough to help them defeat this horrifying beast? Will their puns be good enough?