Hannah Shaffer

35. Scopeful Optimism

We talk about what makes a game’s scope big or small, why Q2 has taken so long, and all the projects we’ve made in the meantime.

34. Designing a Game Design Workday

We talk about how we’ve redesigned the structure of our workday, because boundaries around work are important even when—and ESPECIALLY when—it’s work you love.

33. The Games You Want to Make, The Life You Want to Live

We sit down for an unplanned recording of Design Doc when Evan says something sad.

Note: This episode discusses the toll that work can take on physical and mental health.

End of episode donation notes:

  • The Okra Project – https://www.theokraproject.com/
  • Black Mental Health Alliance – https://blackmentalhealth.com/
  • Bail Fund List – https://bailfunds.github.io/


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32. Burnout

In this episode we talk about completing a project that made us our own worst bosses and what it’s like coming back from burnout.

31. The Ski Bike

Its purpose, the act of creation. Its destiny, unknowable. Today’s episode is about a bike on skis.

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30. Breaking up With Character Creation

Character creation in Questlandia 1 lasted two hours. Character creation in Questlandia 2 is five minutes. What changed?

29. When to Add Ghosts to Your Game

We talk again about the junk poets as GMing tools. We’re making them less corporeal, but more present than ever!

28. When No One Is the GM, Everyone Is

Questlandia 2 is a campaign game with no Game Master. Without a designated person in the GM role, that responsibility must be distributed among all players. We talk about how the Junk Poets can support every player as a great GM.

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Some examples of the Junk Poet sheets mentioned in the episode:

Investigator booklet cover
Investigator booklet interior
Mischief-Maker cover
Mischief-Maker interior
Gardener cover

27. The UltraLux Bait-and-Switch

Questlandia 2 has been delayed. Now, we’re releasing an entirely different RPG first. We talk about, and try not to apologize for, how timelines and business have to adapt to design difficulties.

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26. Your Kickstarter Questions (Mostly) Answered

We’re answering listener questions about running a Kickstarter!