127. The Dutchess Cressida Plumtree: The Weigh Station (Feat. Tracy Barnett)

Welcome, Jr Wizards! This week, for the first time in AMFC history, we are joined by a guest! Please welcome the brilliant game designer and podcaster, Tracy Barnett! Oh and also we create a beautiful tale of a siren.

126. Commander Stonegraf: Burnout//Reboot

Welcome, Jr Wizards! This week, we discuss what it means to be a punk in a very specific fantasy culture. Commander Stonegraf and The Royal Gears are here, and they aren’t leaving until you’ve taken a second for yourself.

125. Azelia Aurelius: The Bass

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we take a trip The Adventure Layer of Geode and see what lies beneath the surface. Meet Azelia Aurelius, an archaeologist who has stumbled upon something that will keep her moving for the rest of her days… and then some.

124. Steve Hoplever: Ghost Party

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week we take a look at the brewing culture of Iron Hill. Allow us to introduce you to the fixer, the dadliest dad inspired by a dad, the brewmaster himself, Steve Hoplever!

123. The Legend of The Whispergourds

Welcome, Jr. Wizards! This week, we create the folklore behind the tradition of carving pumpkins in Fantasy! An omen travels on the rain. Wish to hear it? Carve the face, place the candle.

122. All My Spooky Children IV: The Riptide of Shadow

Welcome, Junior Wizard! This year, All My Spooky Children returns to the stars to tell the chilling tale of the Riptide of Shadow. Where do our shadows go at night, I wonder?

121. Jasper Slurp: Chasing Dr. Pib

Welcome, Jr Wizards! This week, we delve into the world of corporate potions. Meet Jasper Slurp, creator of a horrible product and a horrible dynasty.

120. Haradras: The Day of the Storm

Welcome, Jr Wizards! This week, we dive head first into Iron Hill history and a bucket of magical items!

Arcane Artifacts and Curious Curios

119. Dahlia Reyes: The Flower Oracle

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, we are using the brilliant game “How to Weave a Human” by Mahar Mangahas to tell the story of Fantasy’s Flower Oracle. Have you ever wondered if nature was trying to tell you something?

118. Pickles the Pickle: The Age of Heroes

Welcome, Junior Wizards! This week, our Senior Wizards unveil the history behind The Age of Heroes. The Mascot Wars. What a time to be alive.