A Horror Borealis

EPISODE 10: Summer Frights


This week’s episode takes a totally happening jump back to the Revenant of the 1950s, a hip and jive place where teens can be teens. Or werewolves. Or witches. Or aliens. And by aliens we mean totally normal human boys. What?

Yes, this is still the same show. But not like you’ve heard it before! Join Howie, Betsy, and Jeremy as they try to survive the nightmares of high school home ec, peer pressure, and a real bad case of the heebie jeebies in the form of a B-movie monster! It’s SUMMER FRIGHTS!

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EPISODE 9: Spawn Song pt. 4: An Audiodrama

In this atypically well-composed and never-before-heard episode released hot off the podcast presses, the party performs a scripted recreation of the events of the thrilling finale to Spawn Song! Meet Jeffrey, the newest member of the party, and share in many moments of intrigue, humor, heartache, and possibly even…love? Plus, bonus epilogues from each of the major characters! You don’t want to miss this one!

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EPISODE 8: Spawn Song pt. 3

The hunters attempt to hatch a plan before the subject of that plan hatches on them. Martha has a troubling realization about her unusual bond with the creature, and it falls to our protagonists–with a little help from their local parks service–to decide what this means for them and their quarry.

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EPISODE 7: Spawn Song pt. 2

Knee-deep in a new mystery, Martha finds herself plagued by psychic intrusions. Moriah makes some unsettling progress in her investigation of the egg but can’t seem to pin down the motivations of one Isabelle Sanchez. Siobhan, as always, takes matters into her own hands.

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EPISODE 6: Spawn Song pt. 1

With the thrill of the hunt behind them, our heroes have to find a new normal. But the spring thaw gives way to strange new mysteries–mysteries like the unrecognizable woman at a local author’s book signing, or a curious object discovered in the park, or how exactly one is supposed to keep tabs on a team of 5 year olds with wiffle ball bats. What answers are lurking just beneath the melting snow?

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EPISODE 5: Winterlude 1

The calm after the storm–the sun after the rain–the spring after a long winter. We learn some things about our heroes, and they learn some things about their surroundings. In a peacetime that is sure to prove temporary, Moriah receives a mysterious gift, Siobhan shares a moment of insight, and Martha revisits some troubling memories. Where do they go from here?

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EPISODE 4: Welcome to Revenant pt. 4

You can’t run from the truth. You can’t run from the consequences. And you might be able to run from a fleshgait, but sooner or later, like everything else, it catches up.

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